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Caution: we are sharing a secret family recipe! This dessert is perfect for Mother's Day and tastes like Summer!
In this video we demonstrate a few of our favorite ways to wear a scarf like a true parisian girl!A scarf is the easiest way to accessorize your look, and can add a pop of colour without making too much of a commitment if you are a black-and-white kinda girl.
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Copenhagen Fashion

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Since we opened Canon Blanc back in 2012, the Danish accessories brand Becksondergaard has been a huge success with their colourful scarves and wallets. So we decided to broaden our northern horizon to shoes and fashion! This season, we are proud to welcome three new brands straight out of Copenhagen : the showstopper fashion pieces of Stine Goya, the fun and affordable Emma Go shoes, and Project AJ117’s line of luxury basics.