They talk about us !

They talk about us !

+ They talk about us +

Here is a list of nice reviews from magazines and blogs :

+ Elle Canada – July 2015 +

Our editor's favorite store with Nezariel Scott

“Love Parisian style? You're in for a treat. Canon Blanc calls themself the "Ambassadors of French awesomeness" and we have to agree. In addition to outfitting you in true French style, they stock eco-friendly fashion and support Canadian brands that are organic, free-trade and locally crafted”

+ Glow Magazine – April 2015 +

French Immersion with Caitlin Agnew

“...Having freed my closet of offensive faux pas, I visit Canon Blanc, a Toronto boutique expats, to stock up on Petit Bateau mariner shirts and quiz co-owner Caroline on how I can be Parisian in Canada. "Just say whatever you want about anything, be rude and smoke a lot," she jokes in an envy-inducing accent. For my part, I manage to simultaneously apologize and thank Caroline in an unmistakably Canadian way...” Caitlin Agnew


+ Parisian Chic in toronto - Yellow Pages +

While browsing in the stylish boutique Canon Blanc, you might forget you’re on a busy section of Queen West and believe, for a moment, that you’re flipping through clothing racks in Paris’ fashionable Le Marais district.

In fact, says co-owner Mateo Masquelier, the store is a bit of Le Marais in downtown Toronto. He carries the work of young fashion designers that you won’t see anywhere else in Canada. “Sometimes tourists from France will stop in, and they can’t believe what we carry. We even ship to France!”

All of the designs ― be it clothing, shoes, accessories or jewelry ― are the work of European labels. Craie reversible purses and Ambrym draped dresses with delicately drawn birds are but a few of the dozens of brands that fill Canon Blanc.

Mateo has high standards. He only buys quality goods prepared in an environment with ethical working conditions, and he makes sure that the materials used in his items are always top-notch. For example, all the jewelry at the store is nickel-free, and that’s because the allergen is banned in France. Most importantly, he and his wife, co-owner Caroline Phely, curate their collection based on fine, unique design. You won’t find disposable fashion here.

French Know-How…and a Good Database

Mateo and Caroline are originally from France. The two had already made their names in the fashion industry in Paris, with a trade show they operated for five years. To showcase the 50 up-and-coming designers they hand-picked themselves, they rented out an entire boutique hotel and filled the three floors with vendor booths. The event became well known across Paris.

That experience paid off. When Mateo and Caroline moved to Canada and opened Canon Blanc in 2012, they came well armed: they had a database of 600 of the best young designers that Europe has to offer.

What Real Parisian Girls Wear

“There’s a myth that Parisian women always shop at high end places like Louis Vuitton,” says Mateo. “In reality, Parisians gravitate towards designers that are hard to find. They look for something elegant and unique ― and moderately priced.“

In Toronto, the clientele is similar to that Parisian type. Why buy two thousand dollar shoes that everyone has, when you can support a brilliant young designer at a fraction of the price?

According to Mateo, one-time-customers often become repeat customers; they receive so many compliments and get so much use out of an item they splurged on that they start to see the value of spending a little money on good quality.

A Parisian Concept Store

Mateo calls his store a “concept store” ― what is often referred to here in Canada as a boutique, the kind of retailer that offers a full gamut of products, rather than only clothing, or only shoes. “You can come in to Canon Blanc, and come out with a complete Parisian outfit ― even down to the undies!” exclaims Mateo.

And when you strut out of Canon Blanc in your brand new outfit (including your French undies), you might just find yourself wandering to a café for a glass of wine or an apéro ― just to complete your stylish Parisian experience, of course.

+ Holr Magazine – August September Issue 2014 +




+ LouLou Magazine – Summer 2014 +

“This carefully curated store offers parisian style, sourced directly from Europe’s hottest designers. “Affordable luxury” is Canon Blanc’s motto, demonstrated by a selection of wardrobe staples and timeless pieces. Ethics are important too: everything is eco-conscious, produced in Europe or via Fair Trade. From shoes to scarves, from handbags to jewellery, you can put together a complete parisian outfit on a whim, with help from their knowledgeable (and French!) staff.”


+ Postcity – June 2014 +

“Canon Blanc has expanded to a second location, bringing its Parisian roots a little deeper into the city near Yonge and Glencairn Avenue. Owners Caroline Phely and Mateo Masquelier, who once owned a clothing store in France, wanted to bring hot European fashion to Toronto, and they set up on West Queen West in 2012. Success has allowed the couple to open a second location, featuring more than 50 French, European and fair trade designers. They also offer shoes, jewellery, sunglasses and, soon, French linen (2624 Yonge St., 416-484-1616).”

+ Wutzwhat – Social Media +

“We use this to say that we are proud of what we are, and we fight for the integrity of the fashion we carry,” explains Mateo. “We’ll provide quality or die trying!” Andrea Banerjee


+ Fashion Week 2013 – Mastercard Stylicity +

“Canon Blanc is a Stylicity stop this season and it would do a great injustice if you didn’t stop by this Queen Street gem to immerse yourself in a little shopping spree (comme the French).” Crystal Gibson

+ “Canon Blanc Brings Parisian Fashion Gems to Toronto” – Société Perrier +

“Midnight strolls along the Seine, picturesque Baroque cathedrals, delicate pastries and delicious wines: Paris has countless claims to fame, but is perhaps most revered for its fashion. Now, thanks to independent boutique Canon Blanc, some of the City of Light’s greatest young designers have landed in Toronto, which means a chance for effortless elegance without having to travel overseas.”


+ BlogTO’s readers choose the New Best Fashion Stores in Toronto, 2012 +

“Canon Blanc on Queen West is dedicated to the creme de la creme of wearable fashion, direct from Paris. The interior is styled with sconces and other European accents, while the stock consists of up-and-coming men and women’s fashion brands handmade in France (think Charlotte Sometime and Florian Wernert), all expressing a general aura of understated elegance and, well, je ne sais quoi.”


+ Inside KingWestMag issue 6 by Mr Smith’s “10 Things that make me happy right now” +

“Canon Blanc is a boutique with a lot of understated but ever-so-slightly unusual clothes for men and women – that’s not a rarity in itself. The thing that makes this one so charming is that its owners, a couple, are French, really French, so French-from-France French it makes you want a croissant as soon as you enter. They actually chose to move here from Paris, which should make you a give your city a second look. They carry lines with long French names – Commune de Paris 1871, Petit Bateau, Maçon et Lesquoy – subtle and expensive stuff that’s hard to find elsewhere on the strip, or anywhere in town. But really their accents are just as charming as the clothes.”


+ The HUB Concierge x The Gladstone Hotel +

“The HUB Concierge is excited to announce the official launch of their revolutionary application for hotel guests in urban environments. The HUB, in partnership with The Gladstone Hotel, has installed tablet computers into every guestroom at The Gladstone, to dramatically improve the guest experience with a truly local, insider guide to the city.” And Canon Blanc is in it !

+ Toronto Life ‘Stylebook’ +

“Queen West’s Parisian boutique infuses the seedy strip just west of Bathurst with an airy joie de vivre”

+ Fashion Week 2012 – Mastercard Stylicity +

“Canon Blanc is one of a crop of new retailers popping up in West Queen West and they are bringing Parisian style to Toronto.” Anita Clarke

+ BlogTO +

“Canon Blanc brings Parisian fashions to Toronto’s streets months before they would have organically arrived.” Robyn Urback

+ Trend Struck +

“It’s a beautiful shop filled with fabulous special pieces and a refreshing addition to Toronto’s Queen West.” Marla


+ Piccsy + 

“The name Canon Blanc has its roots in the rich history of the French Revolution, perfectly suited to owners Mateo and Caroline’s pursuit of bringing the Parisian way of life to downtown Toronto.” Amanda Dossett

+ Plaid Magazine + 

“Paris finds a home in the heart of Toronto” Plaid Staff

+ PostCity +

“A look inside Canon Blanc, the new Queen West boutique that’s channelling the Parisian life.” Karolyne Ellacott

+ Loulou magazine +

“Do you ever wish you knew the best places to shop in Paris so you could dress like a chic local? If so, then this new Toronto shop run by a French expat couple is for you. Inside, you’ll find exquisite blouses and dresses, leather satchels, delicate jewellery and trinkets with a vintage feel by edgy French labels like Le Mont St. Michel, Mad et Len and Petit Bateau”

+ Unchained Toronto +

“The passion they have for what they do is best exemplified, however, by their motto: Liberté, Egalité, ou la Mort.” Andrea Buncic

+ if clothes could talk +

“Inspired by Parisian lifestyle, Canon Blanc is the closest we’ve gotten to authentic French style. One of the store’s owners, Masquelier Mateo, introduced the ICCT team to a new trend as well as a stuffed peacock named Rene.” Courtney Greenberg & Nikki Kravshik