That's how it's made! FFORM : Alpaca clothing

That's how it's made! FFORM : Alpaca clothing

FFORM is designed in Toronto, Canada and is responsibly crafted in Peru using exclusively Alpaca yarn.

This luxurious yarn is stronger, softer, lighter and warmer than merino, wool or cashmere; sensitive skins won’t get itchy in cold weather!

Interesting alpaca facts:

  • Alpaca is a green textile – it is biodegradable and renewable 
  • No harsh chemicals are needed to process alpaca fiber because it is free of lanolin and other oils (which are usually found in sheep’s wool)
  • Alpaca is very low maintenance as it is self-cleaning. There’s no need to wash or dry clean the garment frequently – it can be simply aired and spot cleaned (this reduces water and detergent use). 
  • During the Inca Empire in the 16th Century alpaca yarn was considered to be more valuable than gold – only royalty was allowed to wear clothing made of alpaca.

Who makes it?

FFORM’s beanies, scarves and overcoats are hand-loomed by small companies which follow the Fair Trade standards and employ Peruvian mothers who are able to knit from home and earn a living while taking care of their children.

Jersey knit garments (tunics and sweaters made of a lighter gauge) are made using electronic knitting machines in Peru.

How to take care of your Alpaca clothing:

Alpaca garments are very low-maintenance!
There is no need to wash them frequently. One could potentially get away without washing their garment for years!

  • Air garment after wearing or every so often

  • Spot clean any stains with a damp cloth

  • Hand wash if necessary with gentle soap

  • Lay flat to dry after washing

  • Dry clean once or twice a year if necessary (dry cleaning strips natural oils from animal fibers) 

Just like alpaca, FFORM’s designs are versatile and timeless. Have fun with them and enjoy them for years to come!