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Symbolically, my world is made of fragments of a gold chain that I pick up everyday and tie together to make beautiful, unique and personal jewelry.

My studies, which have included linguistics, classical music, jewelry, architecture and leather handcraft have influenced my work as well as my past experiences as a stylist and director of a theatre company. I started making jewelry 15 years ago with any material I could get my hands on. What began as a one-off collection has become the centerpiece of my life.
Noot is the story of a life in perpetual motion. Noot is an ancient Egyptian goddess (also spelled Nouth) represented as a vault. She’s not good or bad, she just welcomes the sounds of life. 
Sketches and lines are always the starting point for my designs. Minimalism reveals sensuality. I love the way jewels dance on the skin, playing with light and shadow. These collections are inspired by simplicity and sensuality and the meaning of a connection or a movement.

Imaginaire, Réel et Symbolique

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items