Hello, our names are Mateo & Caroline, a husband-and-wife couple imported from France :)

For starters, we are not so much “French” as we are “Parisian”, a minority hated all around France for their snottiness (and coming from other French people, you know it’s next-level snotty!). 

So we decided to ditch France and its pointless debates about micro-brewed coffee, for Canada and its meaningful debates about craft beer.

At the time we opened our first store in Toronto in 2012 we still had leftover superiority and decided to focus only on French designers; but we quickly realized the error of our ways and, embracing multiculturalism at its best, opened our doors (as well as a second location) to small designers from all around the world.

Today, we are proud to scout the best artisans from the Andes to Calcutta, from Copenhagen to Ottawa, from Italy to Columbia! Passionate about quality, we travel the world to source breathable fabrics, washable clothes and hypoallergenic jewellery, in search of timeless designs and affordable luxury. 

Thanks to a decade of experience in running fashion shows and an independent boutique in Paris, we brought together a big family of real people (from our amazing staff to the designers’ teams), committed to highlighting handcrafted products made with love, one by one, with respect for the workers, the environment, and you!

So you may ask, how can we claim to be “official ambassadors of French awesomeness” if we are not even living up to the chain-smoking, baguette-eating stereotype? Well my dears, fear not! We still spend an inordinate amount of time looking for moldy cheese, and we can testify that no locally-made “saucisson” has passed our French tastebuds-test yet! 

…We might still have a thing or two to bestow upon our fellow citizens when it comes to enjoying life, and good wine!


Caroline & Mateo